Product Description

Product Name : BAT MOB NOKIA N70
Product Code: MBBTNK001
Description :


Features :
  • • MOBILLA Battery is made up of light-weight Lithium cells for safe & a long lasting performance.
  • • It is built with latest technology for optimum charging & discharging so that it delivers a longer talk time & standby time.
  • • It has a built-in protection against overcharge, over discharge & short-circuit.
Instructions :
  • • Charge the battery completely before use..
  • • New battery's full performance is achieved after a few complete charge & discharge cycles.
  • • Avoid overcharging. This can reduce your battery life.
  • • Charge with compatible chargers only. Poor performance chargers can reduce your battery life.
  • • If the battery is not is use for long time, it should be stored separately in a cool & dry place in partially charged state.
Caution :
  • •Do not disassemble or puncture the battery.
  • •Do not dispose the battery in fire or water to avoid explosion.
  • •Avoid contact of battery terminals with other metal objects. Short-circuiting the battery my damage the battery or the connecting object.
  • •During Charg / Dis charge /Storage, if a battery looks deformed, or over-heated or generates any odour, immediately discontinue using the battery.

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