Product Description

Product Name : OTG CABLE (01)

Product Code: MBOTGCE01

Description : Micro USB to Type ‘A’ USB OTG (On-The-Go) host cable.

Features : 

•  Cable Length: 18cms.
•  Micro USB to Type ‘A’ USB OTG (On-The-Go) host cable.
•  Supports all the USB OTG enabled smart devices for data connectivity.
•  Some Common Uses of OTG : 
      • Use Mice/Keyboards with Android Phone.
      • Connect USB Flash Drives for Data Transfer and Media Playback.
      • Transfer Contacts, Messages between Phones.
      • Use Your Android Smartphone to Charge other Phones.
      • Play Games on Android Smartphones with Game Controllers.
      • Print Documents Stored on Android Phone.
      • Import Photos from Digital Cameras to Android Device .
      • Use USB Accessories with Android Phones, like LED stick, Fans, etc.