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About Us

What we believe?

With, a solitary goal of equipping our audience, not just the product, and the service, but as a whole, delivering an exceptional experience that they always cherish. If they are happy, then they also share the same with others which collectively encourage customers to put their valuable reliance on us. And this is how we have built this community and created MOBILLA for everyone.

Spearheaded by Mr Mahendra Shah and his two multifaceted Sons, Mr Jignesh Shah and Mr Hetal Shah in the year 2010 with a commitment to deliver superior quality mobile accessories with extra durability and super affordability.

Sheer admiration for technology and a profound understanding of the fast-paced behaviours and with time, consumers ever-changing tastes for electronic items have benefited them in a big way to develop a niche and become a leading Lifestyle mobile accessories brand in India.

Acknowledging every advanced offering from the world of technology and meticulously instil those ideas/concepts/designs in every one of our products and give our consumers what they always expect from a trusted brand. And in this process without having to compromise our legitimacy will for sure help as becoming a dedicated Indian lifestyle mobile accessories brand with an International feel and touch.
Every one of our product should bear what we as 'MOBILLA' has always been known for. Consistency with sheer precision with technically advanced ideas should invariably be our source of inspiration. The collection of every honest approach will lead us to become a customer-centric mobile accessories brand in India and overseas.


  1. Brilliance At Mobitech, we are driven by an unending appetite to deliver the best products in the market by incorporating high tech innovative practices.
  2. Evolution We at Mobitech always set our eyes on the future. We pick up cues from the market, envisioned it futuristically and inculcate that technology for a better tomorrow.
  3. Honesty Integrity is in our blood. We adhere to an unbiased culture and have uniform and transparent policies for all our stakeholders.
  4. Innovation Innovation what Drives us and Technology what Inspires us to CREATE, BUILD and DELIVER an Experience of Lifetime.
  5. Ownership Adhering to our core values and responsibilities - is what we always strive for. Our integrity and honesty fuel us to take ownership whenever it is required.

Work Culture

A workplace should always be a place where an employee gains knowledge, learns new skills, and shape themselves as an experienced employer of a company. Being part of MOBILLA is a perfect gateway to FUN, LEARN, and EARN. Our employees enjoy every hour working with us, simply because of our nature to being friends with them rather than an employer of a company. On the professional front, our constant impetus to take part in several organizational and individual development programmes help them go the extra mile.

We at MOBILLA, always follow an extensive performance-linked reward process to spot and appreciate the deserving employer. We have an unbiased employee grievance system that actively addresses issues and takes measures in real-time. All credit goes to our employee welfare practices which always sets high morale for our workforce.

As an industry trailblazer, we ensure we maintain a secular, apolitical, and neutral environment. We always encourage the idea of a system, where thoughts flow freely and every belief gets the support that it deserves for fair distribution of information across the establishment. Our impartial work culture sets us apart and helps us to grow by leaps and bounds.